It was i think the 1st of April 2013. Easter Sunday, I think. We just got out of the church and we were heading home. I think it was 7 in the morning that time. While we were heading home, we heard a faint meow on the side. I couldn’t exactly remember but we were so attached to the cute little cat that time. He was a few weeks old based on his appearance. He was thin and weak. We just couldn’t let him go. 4 years from now, here he is, our baby boy. He’s so extra you can’t even get on his level. Here’s why:

  1. He doesn’t eat anything except cat food, peanut butter, and anything that has cream in it. I think it’s a plus for us since we wouldn’t worry about our cat eating left overs on the table.
  2. He’s grumpy, like, all the time. Ahh, just your typical average cat. Except, most cats purr and stuff but our cat doesn’t. I think he doesn’t even know he’s a cat.
  3. He’s stupid af.  Okay so i feel so sorry for my mom this time. You see, every 12 midnight our cat demands to go outside. Sometimes he goes outside by going in our bedroom and jumps on the window. And then by 3 am, you would probably think he would just jump back in the window? nah fam, he’ll scratch our door from the outside and keeps meowing and my mom will wake up and she has no choice but to get up and open the door. AND THE CYCLE CONTINUES EVERYDAY MAKING OUR MOM TIRED A F

Although it may quite seem that I hate my baby, I love him so much. It’s kind of a love and hate relationship going on between us. And I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

How about you? tell me about your furry friends
hearts for everyone x A



I just recently installed the wordpress app and I’m way too excited to gather my thoughts!!

Hopefully on this app i’ll be able to post blogs quite often pls pls *fingers crossed

That is all hearts for everyone!! 💙💙



The title says it all. to procrastinate; delay or postpone action; put off doing something.

it’s kind of funny because I just remembered writing here because I have exams tomorrow. AND i’m too lazy to study lol. So to all my readers, please don’t follow my example. You should know your priorities okay? that’s it. I’ll be off. until then! (more…)

Stranger Danger

When I was young, my parents told me to never talk to strangers because if I did they can lure me into dark places and probably kill me. And I believed them. Every time that we go out, I never talked to any strangers. When I reached my teenage years, social media became super famous and almost everyone was using one. So I thought to myself, What if I  joined? and so I did because, it’s actually helpful and beneficial. The problem is, it’s unsafe, people getting killed or raped because they were talking to strangers online. My parents were furious about this. They wanted me to stop using these because it was dangerous. but for me, they’re wrong partially, that is. Because of social media, I’ve met tons of friends (that I’ve actually met in real life and they’re not scary at all!) on the internet with the same interests.

Yes, Internet is one scary place because of the strangers that you could possibly meet. But not all strangers are dangerous. Some can actually be your potential friends (look what happened to me) I guess if you choose carefully enough, you wouldn’t be in danger 😉

Hi. it’s me again 🙂 I have lots of time today so I’m doing this. Enjoy your day and remember, hold on. ❤

Hearts for everyone ❤


Happy Halloween! (although I maybe a little late.) I almost forgot about this. Just now, I was searching on the web and I’ve encountered this site. AND HERE I AM. Again, I apologize for- well, being a newbie here. 😦 To be honest I’m still not used to this. I do hope I’ll get the hang of it. Oh and someone actually noticed my blog from last month! wow. Thank you so much 🙂 with that, I’ll continue this!

Bye for now 🙂

PS, i badly need some help. (since im not used to this thing that I’m doing) Could you guys like, share some tips or something? that would be great. hearts for all ❤


This world we’re living in? yup, it’s fucked up- let’s admit it. but maybe somehow, there is a reason why we have to deal with life’s bullshit. I’ve got to be honest with you, my life isn’t perfect as you think it is. And you’re probably thinking that i’m just another girl that has nothing do with her life hence she created a blog—- nah. I may suck at writing, but I want to learn. Why? Because this is the only outlet (don’t argue with me on this) I’m still warning you, reader, that 100% of my posts are rants about everything in life. Don’t judge. I need to do this.

I’ll be back. promise.