Stranger Danger

When I was young, my parents told me to never talk to strangers because if I did they can lure me into dark places and probably kill me. And I believed them. Every time that we go out, I never talked to any strangers. When I reached my teenage years, social media became super famous and almost everyone was using one. So I thought to myself, What if I  joined? and so I did because, it’s actually helpful and beneficial. The problem is, it’s unsafe, people getting killed or raped because they were talking to strangers online. My parents were furious about this. They wanted me to stop using these because it was dangerous. but for me, they’re wrong partially, that is. Because of social media, I’ve met tons of friends (that I’ve actually met in real life and they’re not scary at all!) on the internet with the same interests.

Yes, Internet is one scary place because of the strangers that you could possibly meet. But not all strangers are dangerous. Some can actually be your potential friends (look what happened to me) I guess if you choose carefully enough, you wouldn’t be in danger 😉

Hi. it’s me again 🙂 I have lots of time today so I’m doing this. Enjoy your day and remember, hold on. ❤

Hearts for everyone ❤


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