So, I’m back. It’s been months since I blogged. And- all the things that I want to say to all you lovely fellows had been bottled up inside of me that I don’t even know how to start. I’ll try to begin again.

I recently read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. (i’m still reading it, actually. It’s good) and well, the heroine blogs just so she could express herself without exposing her identity and it is the same thing that I’m doing! The difference is that for some blog she posted she gained a lot of followers and people started commenting to her blogs and stuff. While me, on the other hand, is a nobody. Although I didn’t sign up here to become famous and what not. I just really wanted to express everything- in a cool way. I hope I’m not the only one, this would be very embarrassingand so I created this blog of mine. And I really wanted this blog to become active but motivation’s killing me! ! ! Oh well, I’ll try though but please don’t expect much. Anyways something gruesome happened to me a while back

I’m on my way to the office (I’m still an intern though) listening to music on my phone, you know, the normal teenage girl that I am. I can’t live without Kellin Quinn screaming at me. Back to the story, so I was walking casually when I heard the sound of taking off the earphones on your phone. It was a split second and the music was gone. SO WAS MY PHONE. When I turned around my bag is freaking open! I didn’t know what to feel back then. It was the first time I experienced it and I pray to God that I NEVER experience that again. Thinking about it gives me the chills because knowing some HAND got into my bag makes me want to vomit. It was sad because the place where my phone got stolen was in our town. My comfort zone, I know every single place here and look what happened. And so I realized something, that even in the most places your comfortable with can be dangerous. SO I SUGGEST TO YOU ALL, if someone is actually reading this always be cautious !!!! please!


How about you? Have you experienced this? If you did, then I’d love to hear that story of yours


Stay safe, fellas!

all the love as always x A




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